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Who is Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ?

Mark C. Morgan of 17366 North River Road, Tapiola, Michigan describes himself as a "kinky bisexual, into bondage, domination, and sado-masochism." As indicated in the CCRAA club newsletter, Morgan was impeached by members of the CCRAA radio club, in the summer of 2008. His impeachment was partly a result of the fact that he falsely accused seven men of child pandering and partly due to the fact that his actions brought disrepute onto the club.

Mark Morgan is under investigation for identity theft related to the unauthorized use of another man's name and email address. Information related to the incident was posted on the website on February 13 at 1:15 AM. Morgan has continuously posted false and defamatory information about various individuals for a number of years.

On February 13, it was also reported that nine (9) accounts used by Morgan to flood multiple newsgroups with annoyance messages had been removed for terms of service (TOS) violations.

Amazingly, after falsely reporting an individual for child sex pandering last year, Mark Morgan has now stolen the email address of the same FCC licensee, and, as of 10 AM eastern time on 2/13/09, Morgan had already posted 308 fraudulent messages. Here is a link to the fraudulent profile created by Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ. The FBI and Law enforcement agencies in Michigan have been notified about this latest act of fraud perpetrated by Mark Morgan.

During the period prior to Morgan being impeached by the CCRAA radio club, the turbulence resulting from Morgan's fraud, malicious acts, and false accusations were acknowledged by club members to have cast a bad light on the organization. According to the club leadership: When Morgan began posting statements about the club on his private blog, leading to the possibility of the club being involved in a nasty civil suit, club members realized their mistake in electing him. After a short tenure as a club officer, Morgan was impeached by a margin of 11:1. Morgan's own vote was the only vote in his favor.

Like his friend Karol Madera, Morgan has a long history of involvement with the police, and the mental health industry. Law enforcement officials in Michigan have stated that Morgan was transported for psychiatric examination in 2004, to a hospital in Marquette, Michigan, under supervision of Sheriff's Deputies.

Morgan calls himself an ally of Karol Madera, VE7KFM.

In collusion with Madera, Morgan made malicious and false reports of child pandering to child protective service agencies, against 7 different men, in 7 different states.

Morgan was banned from qrz.com and hamisland.com for posting defamation about various individuals. Morgan has admitted he uses Google services (blogspot) to manage at least 3 defamatory blogs, using material fabricated by Karol Madera.

Morgan creates multiple identities, enabling him to flood the usenet service with thousands of nonsensical messages, in retaliation against those who have revealed his many lies and fabrications over the past 10 years. At last count, Morgan had posted well over 200,000 meaningless posts, using just a few of these multiple identities. Morgan admits he has rendered the service useless, citing "self defense." The removal of one of the many identities used by KB9RQZ on usenet is a victory in the effort to reduce the incessant flood of posts made by Morgan in an effort to deny others the ability to enjoy the usenet service.

Quotable Quotes ~ by Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ

On reporting 7 men for child sex crimes:

"likewise you can prove I made a charge , you can't prove it was flase and malicious you would have to prove that I did not suspect you, indeed if I am mental ill as you suggest in post 2 then your task becomes even harder, since if I am nuts who knows what I believe"

"if you try and stop me either nothing will happen , or I will never even notice the effort or if you manage to inconvence my exercise of my rights I will look into what price I can extract from you."

"you also provoked mater by insisting your had the right to control who responded to your posts in RRAP"

"I made no flase report to CPS (child protective services) indeed you don't what a fasle report is it seems since I did and do and in fact I am more convinced than ever that you are likely the offer of the note claimignt o be willing to rent me the sexual service of that 9 yo but in any event I started nothing with you YOU started thing remeber you insisted I hated Ham radio because I said its response to Katrina could be imporved"

"when you atack me you invite response the only question is wether you have the gut to allow the reponse"

KB9RQZ, on shooting a teenaged boy (according to Houghton County Sheriff's Department, it never happened)

"at about 6:35 this morning I was awakened not by the expected return of my wife form the renfaire but the sound of motors. the motors belong to an ATV that had managed to get a rope onto my tower (30 foot wooden structure and was puling the tower down. O got sever round with the shotgun did not score a good hit but but the cops found blood on the treea dn the trails lead back to n rover river road after a bit where it stop and free tire marks (looks like one of the pickups that carry atv's around here).

the rope parted and no real damage to the anttenas was done although my masting needs work to make it stable again. have had loads of fun with the cops over the matter. I wonder what poor kid ( I could see he was not more than say 16 ish) the nutjobs conned into making the attack and with what lie. sad realy."

February 2009 ~ Yet Another KB9RQZ Identity Banned from Google Groups

Another of the email adresses (kb9rqz@yahoo.com) used by Mark Morgan of Chassell, MI to flood usenet with thousands of nonsensical, useless messages, has been banned by Google groups for numerous violations of Google's terms of use, which include efforts to defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others; posting inappropriate, defamatory, infringing, obscene, or unlawful Content, and; restricting and inhibiting other users from using and enjoying the Service, through repeated flooding, spamming, and changing of thread titles.

The following is a repost about Morgan, made on Daniel Jeswald's blog, attributed to Steven Robeson:

Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, is a very disturbed, admittedly deviant, and dishonest person who has been harrassing Amateur Radio operators and disrupting radio, and other forums, since at least 1997.

As part of his on-going fusillade, he has, at various times, insisted that he's a "colonel" in the US Army "chemical corps," further insisting that he's been "drafted," and further insisting that he was not allowed to "resign."

Never mind that he was only 8 years old when the draft was stopped in the 70's! He's since recanted the "Colonel" claim, saying he was only a Lieutenant, then claiming he was only a Sergeant at discharge -- under another name that the CIA knows about -- and approved.

Oh, and he was kicked out of the service due to his "nerves" according to Mr. Morgan. However, the HCSD and MSP both have him on record as being transported to Marquette General Hospital in 2004, due to "involuntary commitment for psychiatric evaluation."

Mr. Morgan has perpetuated a smear campaign against other members of various forums, going as far as post-editing comments, forging posts, and even trying to make "complaints" to the Civil Air Patrol Inspector General Corps and the FCC, etc., about perceived slights that have nothing to do with CAP or anything with any bearing on reality.

Recently, Morgan reported 7 different men to Child Protective Services in 7 different states. All this, because he has allied himself with yet another lunatic in Canada, known as Karol Madera, VE7KFM, who is as bad, or worse, than Mark Morgan.

This behavior is nothing more than an attempt by Morgan to "silence" those who would expose his foolishness and who refuse to tolerate his dishonesty in public forums.

Mr. Morgan has admitted to various acts of perversion and deceit, going as far as bragging about his use of lying, and his belief that deceit should be proactively taught to children as part of their upbringing. He describes himself as a kinky, bisexual, rabbi, who is into bondage, domination, and sado-masochism. He's been banned from almost every polite radio forum on the internet, but he still spams usenet groups, nearly every day, with nonsensical messages and libel.

Mr. Morgan has even gone as far as to create multiple screen names with which to spam usenet and other forums, including one screen name that invokes the name of my deceased daughter in order to perpetuate his demented "point of view".

Be aware. Be informed. Mark C. Morgan is NOT a person of reputable character, nor does he have an honest nature. In fact, not only was he transported to Marquette General Hospital for psychiatric evaluation and treatment in 2004, but he has a long history of similar treatment and harassment of others by various devious and underhanded means.

Mark Morgan has been investigated for the abuse of his elderly father, and for making false sos calls, as recently as December, 2008. There have even been rumors that Mark Morgan stole money from his elderly father, in order to move to Michigan, to avoid prosecution there, for crimes that have not been published, yet.

This summer (2008) Mr. Morgan was voted out of the CCRAA amateur radio club by a vote of 11:1. He was ejected from that club and banned from the websites qrz.com and ham island.net. Reports of dishonesty, slander, libel, and theft, follow Mark Morgan around the internet, like the stench from the local dump.

Here is a link to one of the screen names used to flood forums with unwanted posts and garbage of the type I previously mentioned. And here is another from IP addresses at Hughes satellite services, the latest IP addresses being and

In summary, beware of Mark C. Morgan of 17366 North River Road, Tapiola, Michigan. Do not hesitate to contact Houghton County Sheriff's Department if he begins stalking you, or your family. Unfortunately, I have first hand experience with his stalking and harassment.

Mark Christopher Morgan can be reached for comment at kb9rqz@hughes.net or by phone at 906-523-4520 or via his postal address at Mark C. Morgan 17366 North River Road, Tapiola, Michigan 49931