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Karol Madera's Friend Dumb Ass Donny

Donald Edward Anderson admits he raped a 14 year old girl. "I knew I was doing something wrong, I should have never took her back to my apartment. She was just a little girl. She just wanted to have a day of fun. I'm 19 years old and I'm a big guy. She was a really young girl. In Georgia if you have sex with a 14 yr old, that's rape, so you can say I raped that little girl."

Donald Edward Anderson (KI1QZX N4TAT) aka Donny Dumbass is our resident expert on jail, drug addiction, and child rape. Donny endorses the use of Thorazine. "It'll make you shut up", according to Anderson.

Anderson has discussed FCC Special Counsel, Laura Smith, at length. Anderson plays the straight man to Karol Madera, much as Ed McMahon did with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. Of course, the major difference is that Johnny and Ed were not widely acknowledged to be obscene, child molesting, child raping, misogynistic, drug-addicted, anti-American, idiots. Anderson often asks Madera to discuss what Laura "may be doing to herself" as they speak; at which point Madera unabashedly discusses his sexual fantasies about Laura, in graphic and disgusting detail. Anderson then asks Madera to tell him about Riley Hollingsworth, and the pair continue, telling lies for hours almost every day about Riley, Laura, and several of Madera's endless list of detractors.

Listen as Donny Anderson muses about whether or not Riley Hollingsworth may be gay and bipolar.

Anderson matter-of-factly states he is a child murderer and a child rapist who spent 3 days in an opium den. Anderson was busted from Sergeant to Basic Airman and subsequently discharged from the Air Force to the AF Special Treatment Center, due to heroin addiction, after striking a superior officer and after raping a 14 year old child.

Although Karol Madera claims to be heterosexual, listen to an excerpt of Karol's sexually charged advance toward Donny.

Unfortunately, when Karol's acting like a jealous lover, he isn't as kind to poor Donny. Internal and external inconsistency is Karol Madera's trademark and a hallmark of mental illness.

Donald Edward Anderson (KI1QZX N4TAT) of 128 Kirkwood Circle, Warner Robins Georgia, is a well known criminal. His actual transmitting location is 105 Juniper Road, Warner Robins, GA, so don't let the address in the FCC ULS fool you. Anderson is a convicted drug felon and by his own account, he has lived "a sordid life of crime, violence, baby-killing, war-mongering, child rape, drug abuse, violence, and prison..."

Anderson can regularly be found jamming and broadcasting over amateur frequencies, with his good friend Karol Madera, VE7KFM. Donald is also involved in stalking and harassing married women, which is also a favorite past time of his mentor, Karol Madera. Several police reports have been filed regarding this perverse behavior.

Here are just a few of Donald Anderson's Warning letters from the FCC.

Anderson FCC Warnings

Another Anderson FCC Warning

Donald (KI1QZX N4TAT) Admits All

Donald recently admitted his girlfriend is a whore; his mother's a lesbian; his son is gay and living in Birmingham and watching gay porn; he is a child killer; a child rapist; a heroin addict; and he's interested in creating a Hollywood show about his life.

Listen to Donald's shocking multiple admissions ~against interest.

Karol Madera, perhaps sensing Donny's imminent arrest, previously downgraded Anderson from friend to "radio acquaintance" and Karol Madera says he is now looking for an even lesser title for Donny. We suggest "Convict" "Short-Eyes" or "Dumb-Ass" (which are already in popular use).

On November 11, 2012, Madera told Anderson, "Donny, I understand your mother is a lesbian, your girlfriend is a whore, and your son is gay, Donny, he says, and he constantly likes to stir shit, Donny. So I give up Donny. What's lower than a mere radio acquaintance Donny?"

Madera downgrades Anderson.

By Thanksgiving 2012, it was rumored that the FCC had intervened in the case of Donald Anderson. Donny confirmed it on-the-air in December, defending his jamming as "giving out a QST". Anderson was issued an official FCC Warning letter for his latest round of jamming.

Anderson claims he is a "baby killer" who "worked for the CIA" while in Viet Nam. In keeping with our practice of exposing military impostors and liars like Whitney V. Tritch and Karol F. Madera, we can now reveal Donald E. Anderson's "distinguished military career."

Like his friend Karol Madera, Donald E. Anderson is a self-admitted admitted pedophile. Anderson freely admits he raped a 14 year old child. Listen to Anderson discussing his rape of a child shortly before he was thrice demoted, stripped of his National Defense Service Medal, and sent back to the States for drug rehabilitation treatment -- all of which occured 20 years before his felony drug conviction in 1996.

See Anderson's service history, available via FOIA. You will note that Anderson was busted in rank from Sgt to Airman Basic (the lowest rank available) and that he was discharged to the Air Force Special Treatment Center, which was reserved for the treatment of heroin addicts who were discharged due to character and behavioral disorders and apathy. There were 5 phases to the treatment: 1) Identification 2) Detox 3) Psychiatric Evaluation 4) Behavioral Reorientation 5) Base Social Action, as seen in this official DoD/GAO service document regarding the treatment of drug addicts in the military. Unfortunately, Donny washed out of the program and by 1996, he was in the business of using, manufacturing, and selling drugs, and after his felony drug conviction, back to counseling and rehab, which he ultimately failed... again.

July, 1969 Airman Basic (AB) E-1

Sept, 1969 Airman (AMN) E-2

March, 1970 Airman (A1C) E-3 Airman 1st class

June, 1971 Sgt (SGT) E-5

May, 1972 Busted to Airman 1st class (A1C)

July, 1972 Busted again to Airman Basic (AB)

After spending 3 days in an opium den...

Anderson was sent stateside for psychiatric and drug treatment at the USAF Special Treatment Center, at which point he was given a less than honorable discharge.

NOTE: Air Force Medal 900-3, the National Defense Service Medal (Given to everyone with an honorable discharge who served at least 24 hours in Viet Nam) was not presented to Donald Anderson.

Anderson has been jamming 20 meters for years with his on-again, off-again, friend, Karol F. Madera, VE7KFM. Donald Anderson also regularly jams 11 meters, as evidenced by the numerous recordings others have made of his jamming activities.

See the YouTube videos featuring Anderson's jamming on 11 meters and elsewhere.

Using Morse code tapes and music, Anderson maliciously, deliberately, and wilfully interferes with others' communications. A variety of amateur operators have heard Anderson's long monologues about his history of drug addiction (Heroin, MJ, Opium) and his description of his girlfriend, "Angel the Crack Whore" a toothless, African American female with purple hair, who was recently arrested and jailed for plying her wares on the street. Although some amateurs have accused Anderson of being Angel's pimp and drug supplier, Anderson would only admit that he enjoyed chaffeuring Angel and providing her with Dr. Pepper and Newport cigarettes.

Anderson -- Guilty as Charged

Donald Edward Anderson was arrested and found guilty of possession with intent to distribute in 1996. See CRIMINAL INDICTMENT 1996 C 22347, and the charge, 311VGCSA - (Violation of Georgia Controlled Substances Act). Anderson was prosecuted and found guilty. Attorney Pete Young has an excellent overview of the VGCSA. Why is someone of such obviously low character allowed to retain an FCC license?

After conviction on the Felony charge, Anderson was sentenced to 5 years probation, urine testing, counseling, fines, and forfeiture of his ill-gotten gains.

His wife Donna Boyett divorced him after the arrest in 1996 and changed her name in 2003. She took the children (Jennifer and Michael) with her when the couple divorced. Anderson currently lives at 105 Juniper Road in Warner Robins, GA where he has a part-time job as a lawn-mower-man. Do you see a license for Donald Anderson's business in Warner Robins? Nope, neither do we, and nor do we see a license for Karol Madera's Realty Research Group.

Corporation of the District of Saanich

Business Licence Section

Telephone: 475-5401 Fax: 475-5429

E-mail to: businesslicence@saanich.ca

Our Favorite "Donny Dumb-Ass" Recordings

You'll find a playlist of Anderson recordings here. 1, 2, 3, 4

An especially amusing and sad recording features Anderson giving advice while broadcasting on CB channel 38 in September, 2011.

Partial transcript:

"I had dinner with my daughter (Jennifer D. McCullough of Collierville, TN) she's a medical doctor, she, uh, I gotta be honest... I had a smoked ham, swiss cheese, tomato basil soup... spicy mustard... it was alright... I am a loser, ok, I am a loser and I know that... an underachiever, a loser, a person who has had a very sordid life, a life of crime, violence, drugs, baby-killing, war-mongering, drug abuse, violence, prison... I want it to be about me....How many girls did I poke this year? Were any of them really attractive? How many nekkid girls did I see or how many books did I read or how many miles did I put on my bicycle or is my pecker still gettin' real hard, you know?

Donald Anderson's contact details follow, should you wish to request that he discontinue his habit of jamming the airwaves:

Donald Edward Anderson

Date of Birth June/1951

Phone Number: 912-929-1258

Most Recent Address: 105 Juniper Rd, Warner Robins, GA 31093-2827

FCC Address: 128 Kirkwood Circle, Warner Robins, GA 31093-2827

In 1996, Anderson was arrested for felony possession of a large quantity of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. In 2011, Anderson was heard telling his friend and mentor Karol Madera that he worked for the CIA "killing babies" during his career in the service. There is no Security Clearance listed in his very poor military service record. Apparently, military impostors don't realize their arrest, conviction, and service records are publicly available and easy to locate.

As previously mentioned, "Donny Dumb-Ass" as he's better known in FCC, Ham, and CB circles, was convicted on a felony drug charge: CRIMINAL INDICTMENT 1996 C 22347, 311VGCSA - Violation of Georgia Controlled Substances Act. His wife, Donna Boyett, left Donald in search of a better life. She took over the family home and took full custody of their two children, Michael and Jennifer. Donald is a self-admitted drug addict and child rapist who has spent many, many nights in jail. That Donald Edward Anderson lacks the requisite character to retain an amateur license, goes without saying. Hopefully someone at the FCC will schedule a hearing on this matter, soon.

Listen to Donald Anderson discuss his rape of a 14 year old child

Listen to Donald Anderson: "America is the Devil"

Listen to Donald Anderson discuss his several stints in jail

Note: In the audio passage above, Anderson says his worst jail experience was Long Binh Jail, because he was housed in a CONEX container. Men committing felonies requiring sentences of less than one year were assigned to LBJ for confinement with the sentence considered "bad time" towards their assigned 365 day tour in Vietnam as well as their enlistment contract. Others confined at LBJ included those persons awaiting trial as well as those who had served their sentence and were awaiting parole back to their assigned unit. Oftentimes the latter were not wanted at their old unit so the unit did not issue orders for their transfer out of the stockade. Such was the case with our favorite dumb ass.

Listen to Donald Anderson: "I will beat my radio to death" and then he actually does beat his radio to death!

Donald E. Anderson, KI1QZX N4TAT was our FEATURED DUMB ASS OF THE MONTH for June, 2014